Large NW coast Silver bracelet “AWASATLAS 1993” Russell Smith – Warrior w/Club



Up for sale is a rare custom made silver cuff bracelet. Specially ordered for one of my customers by her boyfriend back in 1993. Item depicts A Nude Warrior holding a club and has salmon on sides.

This bracelet is all hand engraved Silver. Never put on the market before as it was custom made for her, and her name was carved on the inside of the bracelet by the artist. 

Russell Smith 1950-2011
Kwakwaka’wakw Nation

Russell Smith was born in the village of Alert Bay, BC. He was the direct Descendant of six chieftain bloodlines. Russell Smiths maternal grandfather was Isaac Abraham, Chief of the Walas Kwakiult at Fort Rupert. Edith Dawson, his maternal grandmother was the daughter of Chief Amos Dawson of the Mamalekala tribe of Village Island.

Russell’s mother, Elizabeth Abraham, was a member of the Thunderbird Clan. She was the bearer of the aural history of the family genealogy. She was a maker of button blankets and aprons. He learned through her that the traditional knowledge of Kwakwaka’wakw social order and language.

His paternal grandfather, Jerry Brown, was a Hope Island Chief of Fort Rupert. He was well known among the people and respected as a traditional dancer. The name Jerry Brown has been recorded in history books of the white man.In 1922 he was arrested for taking part in the 1921 December potlactch at Village Island. He served two months in Oakalla Prison. The only direct descendant of Chief Jerry Brown is Russell’s father, Jacob Smith.

It was from a deep fountain of stories, songs, dances, legends, spirits and mythical creatures that Russell recreated the very images that would guide his hand in the powerful cut of the carver’s blade or the delicate touch of a paint brush.

Russell began woodcarving in 1968.

In the early 1980’s with the encouragement of his cousin, Lloyd Wadhams, Russell began working with precious metals. During 1973 and 1974 he received instruction in wood carving from Doug Cranmer and Larry Rosso at the Vancouver Museum. In 1977, Russell learned the art of repousse from Bill Reid, Gerry Marks, Phil Janze and the English goldsmith, Peter Age. He went on to create stunning pieces in gold, silver, and copper.

Russell studied the ancient and traditional designs of his Kwakwaka’wakw heritage. He worked with wood, ivory, paint and precious metals, imprinting his singular powerful style into totem poles, masks, bowls, rattles, frontlets, drums, jewelry, and canvas. Each piece records the history of the Kwakwaka’wakw in a perpetual re-enactment of natural order and harmony. No two of Russell’s works are the same.

Bracelet is 2.5″ wide ( across ) and is about 1 3/8th” tall and weighs 52.7 grams

This bracelet is in Good used condition,  no dings, no dents, and no repairs, there is some light surface marks from normal wear. It could use a polish see photo’s.

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