Mid-19th century Haida small Argillite bowl with Geometric design inside & out



Antique Mid-19th century Haida small Argillite bowl with carved Geometric designs inside & out , rare size for it’s time period, most were larger. 

From Wikipedia 
….’Haida artists have been carving the black slate of the island of Haida Gwaii for several hundred years. From its conception, the art has depicted a variety of images, from traditional Haida forms, to Western figures. Despite this, Haida argillite carving has only been studied systematically during the last thirty to forty years. It is commonly known as a tourist art because of the circumstances surrounding its creation and the subject matter which it often contained. In truth, argillite carving is much more than a simple tourist art. The art form has grown to be highly prized by museums and private collectors. Canadian anthropologists andethnographers have been studying argillite for approximately 60 years as have, albeit more recently, American art historians. Argillite carving continues to thrive today and it can be expected that new phases and periods will emerge as time goes on…..”

Overall in good to great  condition, for its age. Some minor chipping to one side Argillite, damages easily so this is not bad  . All damage is very visible in the photos, Take a look! Very rare size.

It is 5 3/4″ across by 1″ tall 


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