Wonderful Don Lelooska 1933-1996 Komokwa mask “Kwakiut”



Just in a Wonderful Don Lelooska 1933-1996 Komokwa Mask.

This mask is very impressive, polychrome painted carved cedar with applied copper ornaments, with u-form designs.

This mask is signed on verso. I believe this piece passed though Quintana Gallery Portland, Or. 

Komokwa was the chief of the underworld of the Kwakwaka’wakw.

This mask is approximately 19″ Long x 14″ Wide x 7″ Thick.

Overall in excellent condition. Just some lite surface marks on the paint can be seen in photo’s.

“Lelooska was given his name at age 12 when he was adopted by the Nez Perce. It means “He Who Cuts Against Wood with a Knife” and has become a treasured family name symbolic of their work.
Named Gixken, “Chief of Chiefs”, an old title, by the Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl), Lelooska is the first child of Shona-Hah and was leader of the family.

Lelooska and his family were formally adopted into the House of Sewide of the Mamaleleqala and Qwiqwasutnox bands of the Kwakwaka’wakw by Chief James Aul Sewide. With this adoption all the hereditary rights, crests and privileges of the Sewide lineage were bestowed on Lelooska and his family.

Although Lelooska was of Cherokee descent, he transcended the normal confines of any single tribe.
Lelooska’s life was devoted to the quest for knowledge, which made him an authority on the Indians of North America.
He made preserving “The Cedar and Salmon People”— arts his life work.

Lelooska’s work well known for his versatility.
His pieces range is size from those that can be held in the palm of the hand to huge totem poles.
Opening masks, carved panels, feast bowls, rattles and animal sculpture are a few examples of the types of carvings which he enjoyed making……” 

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